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Traditional Irish Folk Songs & Music

The Irish Music Tenor Everyone’s Talking About...

Michael Daly is a internationally acclaimed Tenor who sings songs from various artists in a beautiful soothing way that attracts people to his wonderful voice and his music. Michael sings songs and has made Albums of these songs in many different genres including; World famous Love Songs from Broadway and the Movies, World famous traditional irish folk songs, World famous Cowboy Western songs, traditional irish funeral songs, World famous Irish songs, World famous Baby Lullaby songs, World famous Patriotic songs, World famous Folk songs of America, Ireland and the British Isles, and Albums containing World famous Christian Hymns and songs of Inspiration. Look at his Albums below and play FREE samples of any of his songs. Enjoy yourself and purchase individual songs, digital downloads of Albums or purchase a hard copy of any Album.

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Enjoy the gorgeous interpretations of some of the most popular Irish Christmas songs, Irish jig music, Irish wedding songs, hollywood love songs and the classic ballads that made this Irish tenor and other artists famous. His albums have garnered both critical praise and many lifelong fans. Whether you’re interested in a collection of favorite songs for yourself, or as a meaningful gift for someone far from home, Michael Daly is the Irish tenor whose performances bring tears and smiles to his listeners.

Michael has gathered below all his albums for sale, and he’s offering them at the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere. It’s an extraordinary opportunity for fans to complete their collections of Irish folk songs, sung by the Irish tenor who brings the amazing vocal talent to these tunes that they deserve.

Irish Traditional Songs

Along with the most popular Irish music that first brought him and other artists recognition, Michael also is known for his recordings of romantic classics like Unchained Melody and Begin the Beguine, as well as American anthems like America the Beautiful and the Star Spangled Banner. They’re all here, and they’re all available for a very low price. Recorded with love, and sung for your pleasure, welcome to the work of Michael Daly, Irish tenor.

Irish Music Singer

Michael Daly, Irish Tenor, is Traditional Music singer who sings many of the most popular great traditional Irish Folk music songs that have entertained millions of people around the world. His beautiful, clear, voice is much appreciated for its fine diction, and its wonderful expression of Traditional music. As a music singer, his interpretation of Folk music brings the highest attention to audiences all over the world. Michael is a true music singer because he sings with music that exactly fits perfectly around his wonderful tenor voice. As a traditional music singer, Michael leads the music to perfectly follow around his voice and blend making the most wonderful of combination of music and voice possible.

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Michael Daly's Albums

irish songs

Ireland from Glen to Glen

Michael sings, for your pleasure, 17 of some of Ireland's most
beloved songs including Danny Boy, The Rose of Tralee, When
Irish Eyes Are Smiling and My Wild Irish Rose.

ireland from glen
irish traditional music

Going Home

Michael's Going Home album contains 15 great songs of
America and Ireland, including: the Star-Spangled Banner,Jeannie
with the Light Brown Hair, The Rose of Tralee.

Going Home
love answers

Love Answers

In Michael's long awaited follow up to his smash album, Love Calling, Love Answers features 15 of the greatest love songs ever written, including: You Raise Me Up, Can't Help Falling In Love With You, Save the Last Dance for Me, and more!

Love Answers
irish folk music

Singing God's Glory

This album contains 17 famous hymns and songs of hope including The Lord's Prayer, Amazing Grace, Lady of Knock and three versions of Ave Maria. These tunes make lovely lullaby songs for the children.

irish music singer

Love Calling

For your listening pleasure, Michael sings 16 famous Broadway love songs from your favorite movies and shows including Memory, In the Still of the Night, and Unchained Melody.

Baby Lullaby Songs

Sing Baby Lullaby Songs
Michael's newest album contains 14 great nursery rhymes songs for friends and lovers of our babies and baby music and songs including: Hush Little Baby, When You wish Upon a Star, Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

baby Album
American and Irish Songs CD

Hearken thine ears to some of the Bravest, Greatest Love songs ever written and composed for our ultimate enjoyment!

Christmas Songs

Your Christmas
It is Michael's pleasure to sing for you these famous Christmas songs and he wishes you all good health, happiness and a very Merry Christmas.